23: Lina Chan & Tyler Christie of Adia Health - Tech & Fertility

Lina Chan and Tyler Cristie are co-founders of Adia Health a startup that helps couples test their fertility. Adia’s mission is to empower women with knowledge and to change the approach to women’s reproductive health to one that is proactive, personalised and holistic.

Highlights of the episode:

  • How Lina and Tyler’s personal experience shaped their thinking around fertility

  • Changing the conversation around reproductive health

  • Importance of emotional and mental health when discussing fertility

  • Importance of creating a trusted environment for people to talk about fertility

  • How big is the problem of fertility and how they are solving this

  • Why fertility is as much a men’s issue

  • Empowering women to talk about fertility

  • Creating a tech product in healthcare

Time Stamp:
[01:00] Founders who are couples and why Adia
[03:35] Obstetrics today is very reactive
[05:34] Michele Obama is speaking up
[05:38] How does a home fertility test kit work?
[08:13] Trend of watching your health from home?
[10:48] Delivering quality healthcare lower cost with more accessiblity
[13:08] Fertility is a journey
[14:43] Fertility is equally a men 's issue 
[18:19] Interventions for men are easier
[19:39] From not knowing much about the topic to the launch of products
[20:48] Is there a need to come up with new methods
[23:23] Trust
[24:02] Fertility is still taboo and nobody has a plan
[26:47] Future of Adia Health

Useful link:

Adia Health - https://adiahealth.com/

Lina Chan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-chan-b0a269127/

Tyler Cristie - https://about.me/tylerchristie

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