37: Sasha Yakovlev of OneSoil - AI platform for precision farming


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Sasha Yakovlev is a cofounder of OneSoil which is developing applications and an online platform for precision farming that are based on satellite imagery and machine learning technologies.


  • AI and Machine Learning applied to farming data

  • Creating tools for farmers

  • Why it is important to solve the soil agriculture problem

  • Vision of connecting all agriculture knowledge

  • Creating a transparent global food supply chain

  • Precision farming to educate farmers on how to start

Useful links:
OneSoil - https://onesoil.ai/en/
Sasha Yakovlev Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexyakovlev/

[00:53] What brought Sasha a cofounder of a farming technology platform

[02:39] What is the problem OneSoil is solving

[05:23] Combining as many sources of data for farmers

[08:21] How a typical customer uses their data

[09:42] Producing food and reducing environmental impact

[12:45] Data for farmers and the challenge of scaling

[15:55] Onboarding of customers

[16:07] Vision of OneSoil

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