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Maiko schaffrath

Founder & Host of Impact Hustlers


Let's empower entrepreneurs to solve the world's biggest problems

Hi, I am Maiko Schaffrath, the Founder of Impact Hustlers and Host of the Impact Hustlers Podcast.

I have made it my mission to support impact-driven entrepreneurs in their journey of solving the world's most pressing environmental & social problems.

I am a Contributor for Forbes, Venture Scout at Backed VC, Educator at University College London, Keynote speaker & Advisor to impact-driven startups.


Want me to speak at your next event?

I am a keynote speaker on a wide range of topics in impact-driven entrepreneurship

  • The State of Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship: How the ecosystem is changing & the most pressing challenges
  • How to Build Impact into your Business Model: How small & large organisations can learn from impact-driven startups
  • Lessons Learned from the best impact-driven founders: How can entrepreneurs set themselves up for success

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