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Founders Summit

1-2 November 2022 - Virtual

Connect with the ClimateTech ecosystem, get inspired & push the conversation forward. Meet 1000+ founders, investors & ecosystem leaders.
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Featured Speakers

Meet thought-leaders, changemakers and impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Candice Ammori
Director ClimateTech, On Deck
Candice is the Director ClimateTech at On Deck and leads their ClimateTech Fellowship, a community of founders, executives & investors in the ClimateTech ecosystem.
Tim Schumacher
General Partner, World Fund
Tim is the Managing General Partner of World Fund, a €350M ClimateTech fund headquartered in Germany. Tim previously co-founded Sedo & is an active angel investor in companies such as Ecosia
Julie Gosalvez
Julie is the Chief Marketing Officer of Climeworks, a scale-up developing direct air capture technology.
Climeworks has raised $780M+ in funding and is operating two direct air capture & storage plants.
Lubomila Jordanova
CEO & Co-founder, PlanA
Lubomila is the CEO & Co-founder of PlanA, an AI-driven platform helping corporates reduce & report their carbon footprint. She also co-founded Green Tech Alliance.
Nivi Achanta
Founder and CEO, Soapbox Project
Nivi Achanta is the founder and CEO of Soapbox Project, a social enterprise that makes it easy for busy people to take action against climate change.
Patrick Sheenan
Founder, ETF Partners
Patrick is a founder and Managing Partner of ETF Partners. He represents the firm on the Boards of ELeather, Wirepas, Telensa, Zeelo and Tomorrow. Patrick has worked in venture capital since 1985, when he joined 3i.

Content Overview

Solutions Stage

With the 2030 climate goals only being 93 months away, a shift of thinking, innovating and most importantly disrupting needs to happen. As an industry deep rooted in solutions, and creating new perspectives, immerse yourself in the leading insight changing how we work, play and live.

Policymakers lack the ambition to implement tangible, life changing measures to halt climate change, so we must come together as founders, activists, scientists to create solutions to combat climate change.

The Solutions stage brings the best in the industry to create a shift in thinking for all of us. From our people, to our business, to our solutions. It will showcase the disruptive innovations from startups and corporates who are leading the game in creating practical solutions.
Leadership & Talent Stage

People make businesses, and while creating life changing solutions or disrupting and innovating the industry, people are at the centre of it! Now more than ever, we need to look at our people, leaders and community to come together and rewrite the narrative of climate change.

We need the individuals across business and impact founders to shift their focus towards climate change and & empower individuals towards the net-positive impact economy.

The Leadership and Talent stage will allow attendees to evolve, grow and step into the true leaders, not only the ones the industry needs, but the world.

Why Attend

Connect with a Community
Meet fellow innovators, campaigners and disrupters to share ideas, build your trip and join an active community challenging the way of life.
Be Inspired
Position yourself right in the middle of mind opening content and global insight leading the industry forward.
Advance Yourself
Immerse yourself in leading sessions curated to enhance your leadership skills, to not only inspire your team but the future talent coming into the climate space.

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