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, United States of America
Aether is creating diamonds from thin air! We are literally transforming captured CO2 into beautiful, carbon-neutral diamonds. Join us in making a more sustainable and glittering future happen!

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Climate Change
Sustainable Materials

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March 13, 2024

About the company

Aether is devoted to accelerating the world's transition from fossil fuels by producing carbon-neutral materials from captured carbon dioxide (CO2). Their solution centers around creating diamonds from atmospheric CO2, positioning it as a unique solution to a global concern which traditionally contributes enormously to climate change. They take advantage of advanced technological methods to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and then convert it into real and authentic diamonds using high-pressure and high-temperature processes. Aether's method yields less environmental impact than traditional diamond mining or lab-grown diamonds, making it a more sustainable alternative. The company, a Certified B Corporation, aims to utilize its innovative technology to revolutionize the diamond industry by directly addressing the issue of carbon emissions.


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