Climate Founder Fellowship

Accelerate alongside top founders, meet investors & get scale-ready with concierge support

Boost your growth with unparalleled peer support from founders, investor matchmaking, expert access, and concierge introductions.
Unlock the unfair advantage of a curated community ready to address any challenge.

Apply to join the Fellowship.
Next Cohort: 28 May 2024. Rolling applications close on 12 May.
Starts at $1,590 for 12 months of support


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Meet likeminded founders solving the world's biggest problems

Get introduced to like-minded founders solving massive social & environmental problems, investors who are funding impact startups, and mentors who have been there, done that.

🎉 Next Welcome Party: 16 August 2022

video conference call
Join the founders of some of the world's most ambitious impact startups

Build a strong founder & investor network in 6 weeks and access 1:1 concierge support

Our Fellowship is carefully designed to help you grow faster through deep connections with like-minded founders, experts & investors.
Here is how we will work with you once you join us

Step 1
Diagnostic with your dedicated Founder Sidekick

You will jump on a call with your dedicated Founder Sidekick who will dive deep into your current challenges, the type of network you want to build & your fundraising goals within the next 12 months. We'll co-design a custom plan to achieve your goals as part of the Fellowship.

Group of startup founders meeting on Zoom during a session hosted in the Impact Hustlers Founder Membership
Step 2
6-Week kick-off bootcamp alongside fellow founders

Kick-off your experience with our 6-week boosted onboarding programme (3-5h/week), tailored to your objectives and make rapid progress alongside like-minded founders. We facilitate accelerated connections and help you build relationships that can last a lifetime

Step 3
Continious & curated support whenever you need it

Receive continuous 1:1 & peer support, investor introductions and access to world-leading experts and entrepreneurs for as long as you remain a member. Share challenges with your dedicated Founder Sidekick for concierge support and introductions at any time.

Connect with experienced entrepreneurs & experts to help you solve any challenge

Fellows have access to four pillars of support: From peers, experts, investors & concierge support from your dedicated Impact Hustlers Founder Sidekick

Peer Support: Candid conversations with founders at your level & beyond
Nothing helps more than being among fellow entrepreneurs who can relate to your challenges.

Investor introductions & pitch events to help you close your next round faster
Stop the cold emails, meet the world's leading investors during our invite-only pitch events.

1:1 Expert connections & workshops
Want to talk to those who have been there & done that? They are one click away - Simply request an introduction and have a chat!

Concierge support with any challenge
Share any challenge with us & we'll connect you to the right people to help you resolve them and share the resources needed to make significant progress.

Open up about the toughest challenges of startup life in curated peer support groups

When you join we carefully match you to likeminded founders who are at a similar stage to you and can share the most relevevant experience with you. Communicate through text messages & meet during our regular peer support sessions

Climate tech
female founders
B2B SaaS
Circular economy

Upcycled snacks from waste fruit pulps

"The right balance of mental health support and actionable business tools. To me, this is invaluable."
Chloë Stewart
Founder & CEO, nibs etc

Access experienced entrepreneurs & experts in Masterminds and 1:1

Get access to dozens of experienced entrepreneurs and vetted experts during our moderated Masterminds & Off the Record sessions.
Access 1:1 advice via text message and video call when you need it.

FundraisingProduct Market FitGrowthProductLeadershipMental Health

Kenny Ewan

Grew WeFarm into a team of 50+ people, raised $40M+ in funding, and scaled the platform to millions of users.

Dimitry Gershenson

Co-founder & CEO
Enduring Planet
Ex-Facebook Executive, Co-founder of equity-free funding platform for ClimateTech startups and investor.

Tom Foster-Carter

ex COO
Helped grow Monzo into the largest UK Fintech bank, and co-founded multiple startups. Now, Founder of Lollipop AI

Andrea Canepa

Managing DIrector
Net Zero Insights
Built the largest market insights platform for ClimateTech investors and startups globally.

Chris Howard

Serial Entrepreneur
Serial entrepreneur & angel investor, and startup mentor. Now working on a Stealth ClimateTech venture.

Sophie Purdom

Co-founder market insights platform CTVC & investing in ClimateTech as Managing Partner Planeteer Capital

Cyrille Najjar

Co-founder & CEO
Sensio Air
Hardware product designer, serial entrepreneur & investor based in Silicon Valley. Startup mentor at Stanford.

Mikela Druckman

Co-founder & CEO
Founder & CEO of AI-based recycling technology startup, raised $15M+ from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio
+ many more

Concierge introductions & hands-on support from your dedicated Founder Sidekick

Help is one message away

It can be overwhelming to navigate some communities. Not with us. Simply message your dedicated Founder Sidekick, a real human who helps you get the support you need

Just share what's on your mind & we'll help

Your dedicated Founder Sidekick connects you to the best people, resources & tools to solve them.
100% confidential.

Pitch to leading investors & receive radically candid feedback

We host quarterly pitch events with some of the world's leading investors who will provide radically candid feedback that will increase the likelihood of success for your next funding round

Circular economy

Industrial-scale upcycling of used textiles

"Almost everybody we spoke to was valuable. We got exposure to both European & US investors"
Zahlen Titcomb
Co-founder & CEO, Ravel

Our Fellowship is designed to give you an unbeatable network of founders, investors & experts in 6 weeks

During the 6-week Kickoff Bootcamp you'll spend 3-6 hours per week connecting to the most relevant entrepreneurs, investors & experts based on your priorities. After the bootcamp, most founders spend 2-4 hours per month to stay engaged with the community and get support from their dedicated Founder Sidekick

Join our in-person events to connect with founders, investors & experts beyond the screen

We go beyond virtual sessions & convene our Fellows at intimate in-person events across North America & Europe

Off-the-record masterminds & meetups

Regular dinners & meetups in London, San Francisco, New York City

Have off-the-record conversations about the most challenging aspects of startup life

Resolve your challenges by receiving advice that is rarely shared publicly

founders mental healthB2B saas growthfemale founders
B2C ClimateTech

At-scale behaviour change for the climate emergency

"Incredibly helpful event, appreciated how candid the speaker was about the difficult stuff, including mistakes (so we could learn from them)."
Pooja Paul
Founder & CEO, Habitable Earth


Join local adventures and make friends with like minded founders

Join trips and build friendship that can last a lifetime

Screenshot of a Investor Off the Record session in the Impact Hustlers Community
Screenshot of a Investor Off the Record session in the Impact Hustlers Community

Get a break from startup life at our local adventures

We regularly meet for local adventures to connect on a personal level and take a break from startup life

Meet likeminded founders and investors and build friendships, not just professional connections

Instant ROI with $1M+ in discounts & perks - including tools you already use

Get immediate ROI on your Fellowship fees by saving on your software spending - We've partnered with some of the most used software providers to provide perks and discounts. Many of them can even be used if you are already a customer.

in credits
in credits
Google Cloud
in credits
in waived fees
for 6 months
In credits
Digital Ocean
+290 discounts & perks

How the Fellowship compares to other options

Understand whether the Fellowship is a good options for you by comparing it to alternatives below

Online Communities
Impact Hustlers Fellowship
Peer support from founders at your stage & in your space
Access to world-leading experts on growth, investment, hiring, product & more
Concierge support from a real human with curated 1:1 introductions
Instant ROI through $1M+ of perks & discounts
Truly global network
In-person events & local adventures
Investment into your startup
No direct investment, but 1:1 investor introductions
Cost to you
5-10% equity
$10 - $200/month
~$115/month, paid annually
Duration of support
Typically 4 weeks - 3 months & little long-term support
Ongoing support
Combination of focussed 6-week programme & ongoing support

Don't take our word for it. Here is what our Fellows say about the experience

The support of an accelerator at the cost of a good gym membership

Equity-free membership includes support that otherwise often costs thousands. Needs-based payment plans available.


Lifetime Fellowship

Get access to all Fellowship features for life. We'll only charge you once.

All "Full Access" Features
Pay once & never again

Apply to join the next cohort

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Great connections and amazing sessions!

Headshot of Joel Tasche, Founder & CEO of Cleanhub
Joel Tasche
Founder & CEO

Guaranteed results -
Not happy? We'll work with you for free until you are

Everybody can make bold promises. We guarantee that you'll be happy with your Fellowship experience at the end of the 6-week Kick-off Bootcamp

If you decide, for any reason, that you aren't happy with the value you got from the Fellowship, we'll  keep working with you for free until you get the results you were looking for

If you realise that the Fellowship isn't for you, you can get a full refund up to 14 days after the start of your cohort. (We never had to do that, but want to give you some peace of mind)


Who is the Fellowship for?


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Apply to join the next cohort

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Great connections and amazing sessions!

Headshot of Joel Tasche, Founder & CEO of Cleanhub
Joel Tasche
Founder & CEO
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