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Atinary Technologies

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, Switzerland
Atinary optimizes R&D with ML for faster breakthroughs in molecules and materials. With our no-code SDLabs platform, we help industries like pharma, biotech, food, energy, and climate tech to hit targets faster and more efficiently.

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Clean Energy
Climate Change
Health & Fitness

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Artificial Intelligence
Deep Tech

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March 13, 2024

About the company

Atinary is a machine learning deeptech startup with their presence in Lausanne and Silicon Valley. They accelerate the R&D and discovery of groundbreaking molecules and materials using their proprietary ML algorithms. Industries like pharma, biotech, food, chemicals, energy, and climate tech are the prime benefactors. The ML technology optimizes experimental planning, orchestrates workflows and hits targets 10-100 times faster. The need for better materials to reduce pollution, address climate change, improve health, and discover new medicines and vaccines is a global necessity. Atinary's no-code ML platform, the Self-driving Labs Platform or SDLabs, is instrumental in achieving these objectives. It can seamlessly integrate with existing workflows to solve multi-objective optimization problems with multiple parameters.


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