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Axiom Cloud

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, United States of America
Axiom Cloud is transforming the way cooling systems work worldwide. We're integrating software and automation to lower maintenance costs, cut back on energy usage, and reduce the environmental footprint, all while increasing efficiency and profitability.

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March 13, 2024

About the company

Axiom Cloud is on a mission to streamline and redefine how the world's cooling systems are powered, managed, and maintained. The company employs a blend of automation and software solutions to bring about significant climate and financial impact. Axiom Cloud aims to make cooling systems more efficient and environmentally friendly by predicting equipment issues, adding power flexibility, curbing refrigerant leaks, and thereby lowering maintenance costs and energy consumption. The company's team includes refrigeration experts, data scientists, energy enthusiasts, and software developers all focused on solving retail grocery's most pressing energy and maintenance challenges. With its vast experience in commercial refrigeration systems, Axiom Cloud plans to extend its reach across various industries to enhance the sustainability of global cooling systems.


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