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, Netherlands
CIED brings transparency to food supply with RightOrigins. We use blockchain for traceability, ensuring sustainable, high-quality agri-food from farm to fork. Trust us for transparent product stories that inspire customer loyalty.

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Circular Economy
Food Waste

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April 8, 2024

About the company

RightOrigins, part of the Netherlands-based agri-tech company CIED, is a pioneer in ESG-focused traceability and supply chain management. It helps organizations ensure transparency, trust, and fair ownership in agri-food supply chains from farm to fork. By leveraging blockchain technology, RightOrigins enables sustainable practices and ensures regulatory compliance through digital traceability. Their approach strengthens customer loyalty by offering transparent, organic product mapping. In addition, CIED also collaborates with standards, NGOs, and certification bodies to assure quality in product paths and value chains. Since its inception in 2011, CIED has evolved into a full-service IT provider for multinational companies specializing in sustainable agriculture sector projects, like the Auditor Desk project.


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