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Paris, France
ClearKarma is revolutionizing the food industry by revealing hidden costs. We provide SMEs with tech-driven tools to trace environmental impacts & carbon footprints, bringing food production full-circle to ensure a healthy planet. Join our movement today!

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Circular Economy
Climate Change
Food Waste

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April 16, 2024

About the company

ClearKarma is a leader in addressing the environmental and social challenges arising from the food production system. Implementing digital transformation methodologies, sophisticated and innovative solutions are employed to trace the global impact of food production; revealing the typically unseen costs that span economic, environmental, and human health parameters. They focus on empowering small and medium-sized businesses by offering easy-to-use tools to track each food impact down to its root cause and calculate its carbon footprint, thus facilitating more responsible sourcing and sustainable process management. Their ultimate mission is geared towards resetting the food system's balance for the protection of both people and our planet.


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