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Maxterial, Inc.

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, United States of America
Maxterial is revolutionizing surface technology! We leverage nature-inspired innovation to make metal surfaces resistant to the environment. Dive into a world with less corrosion, biofouling, and ice formation.

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March 24, 2024

About the company

Maxterial, Inc. is a pioneer in generating novel substances that withstand numerous adverse environmental effects. By mimicking strategies found in nature, notably the self-cleaning of lotus leaves and antifouling properties of crabs, the company achieved breakthroughs in surface properties of metals. The introduction of a micro-layer of air pockets reduces the contact surface area without altering the core properties of the underlying material. Maxterial's technology makes surfaces water repellant, posing indispensable solutions for combating corrosion, biofouling, ice formation, among many other problems. This approach is cost-effective and simple to incorporate in existing manufacturing processes, enhancing the value proposition for industries in need of these materials.


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