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, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Mimica is redefining food safety with our Bump labels that indicate freshness by turning bumpy when food spoils. We're playing our part in reducing food waste and promoting safety by showing the true longevity of food!

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March 13, 2024

About the company

Mimica, founded in 2017, is revolutionizing the packaging and containers industry by providing accessible, affordable freshness indicators for perishable goods, ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. Through their patented flagship product, Bump, they aim to combat food waste and enhance food safety. Bump is a cutting-edge food expiry label that turns bumpy under actual temperature conditions when the food spoils, providing real-time, tactile confirmation of the product's freshness. In addition to winning the James Dyson Award, Bump by Mimica also received grant funding from the EU, the UK government, and the Mayor of London. This innovation not only aids in reducing unnecessary food waste but also improves the real-world shelf life of food.


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