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Mozaic Earth

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London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Mozaic is on a mission to inspire a billion stewards of nature. We're helping local communities monitor biodiversity, paving the way to unlock $1T to regenerate nature & capture 1Gt extra carbon each year.

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Circular Economy
Clean Energy
Climate Change

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March 24, 2024

About the company

Mozaic operates in the realm of environmental services with the noble vision of empowering 1 billion people to be custodians of our planet. They aid local communities in monitoring biodiversity, which in turn, assists in sourcing the $1T in nature financing required to rejuvenate and replenish the natural world. This endeavor will help sequester an additional 1Gt of carbon annually, making significant strides in the quest for a sustainable and resilient future. Mozaic's operations underscore a deep-rooted commitment to environmental preservation, fostering sustainable growth and climate resilience.


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