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London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Olio is combatting waste in local communities. We help you pass on your unneeded items—from food to furniture—and collaborate with businesses to redistribute unserved food. With us, less waste means more sustainability.

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Circular Economy
Food Waste
Sustainable Cities

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May 10, 2024

About the company

Olio, an environmental services app, is at the forefront of the fight against waste. Aimed at local communities, Olio focuses on the redistribution of unneeded items ranging from food to furniture, and clothes to books. With a straightforward process of simply taking a photo of an unwanted item and adding it to the app, Olio ensures these items find new homes instead of ending up in the trash. In addition to individuals, Olio also partners with businesses to redistribute unsold or unserved food. Trained volunteers pick up leftover food from local shops, cafes, and offices and add it to the app for others to request and collect. This ensures every edible scrap of food benefits someone in the local community rather than contributing to waste.


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