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Pika Diapers

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Pardes Hannah, Israel
PikaDiapers is revolutionizing consumer electronics by ending plastic use. We're creating products for a circular economy, starting with eco-friendly diapers that promise a greener planet for our kids.

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Circular Economy
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March 13, 2024

About the company

PikaDiapers is a technology enterprise on a mission to ensure a sustainable world for future generations by integrating circular economy principles into consumer electronics. They are dedicated to halting the reliance on single-use plastics by creating innovative products that adhere to the notion of a circular economy. Their current initiatives are centered on developing environmentally friendly, reusable diaper solutions, which aim to significantly cut down on plastic waste. This sustainable shift in consumer products reflects their commitment to tackling environmental issues. By emphasizing product lifecycle and reuse, PikaDiapers pushes the boundary of what consumer electronics can achieve in terms of eco-friendliness and sustainability.


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