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Regenerative Intelligence (RegenIntel)

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, United States of America
RegenIntel sets human acceleration towards becoming a planet-positive species in motion. We build and implement impactful 'systems of solutions' powered by top-notch collaborative intelligence. Join us in creating a sustainable world at scale to benefit everyone.

Global problems solved

Climate Change
Sustainable Cities
Circular Economy

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Artificial Intelligence

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March 24, 2024

About the company

RegenIntel is transforming the world into a planet-positive species through effective consulting strategies and the implementation of impactful systems of solutions. Driven by a network of elite system thinkers, RegenIntel collaborates to achieve benefaction for both the planet and its inhabitants on a grand scale. Fueled by collaborative intelligence, the company embarks on accelerating human progress towards sustainability, offering comprehensive consulting services to help realize this ambition. Their approach cultivates a virtuous cycle that benefits the planet and people in equal measure, ensuring our world thrives for generations to come.


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