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Treeswift is transforming forest management with robotic technology and machine learning ūüĆ≤. We deliver precise inventories for carbon capture estimates, timber value, and deforestation monitoring, all with advanced forecasting for better forest stewardship.

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March 13, 2024

About the company

Treeswift is revolutionizing the way we gather data about forests with its innovative robotic and machine learning technology. The company specializes in generating forest inventories that allow for precise measurement and assessment of forest resources. Unlike traditional methods, Treeswift's cutting-edge sensors are designed to move underneath the forest canopy, capturing critical data directly at the tree level. Their advanced algorithms then process this data, providing insights for carbon capture estimation, determining timber value, monitoring deforestation, and forecasting growth with unparalleled accuracy. Treeswift's modern approach to forest management supports sustainable practices and informed decision-making in the forestry industry.


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