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Jenise Lee

Founder PurPicks


PurPicks - Review Platform For Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Mar 29, 2019
Jenise Lee

PurPicks - Review Platform For Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Been referenced as the 'Elon Musk of organic skincare'. Jenise Lee is the founder of CertClean and Purpicks. Jenise is launching her second startup, PurPicks.com - reviews platform like TripAdvisor for nontoxic skincare products. The site already has the largest database of organic skincare products and has thousands of product reviews. 

Three years ago, she introduced CertClean which is now North America's largest certification of its kind; thousands of safer beauty and personal care products are marked with the CertClean certification.

In 2017, Jenise was honoured as one of Canada's top sustainability leader, named Canada's Top 100 health influencers alongside Sophie Trudeau and Wayne Gretzky, and nominated for the Governor General's Innovation Award. 

Highlights of the episode:

  • How Jenise started Purpicks and CertClean
  • How to cope with the grief of losing a loved one as an entrepreneur
  • The turning point in Jenise' story
  • Explaining cleantech and the online carpet industry
  • How Jenise hopes to change the skincare sector

Useful links:

Purpicks - https://www.purpicks.com/

CertClean - https://reviews.certclean.com/

Jenise Lee's Linkedin - https://ca.linkedin.com/in/jeniselee

Time Stamp:

[01:09] How did CertClean started?

[03:32] Why is there a need for certificate?

[05:20] Why do we need customer reviews?

[07:35] Where is Purpicks now?

[11:34] We are inviting all green beauty blogger and creating affiliate link marketing

[13:40] Griefing and being a founder

[16:29] Helping healthy people avoid chemicals

[17:49] Self doubt and confidence and coping with grief

[21:46] What is one of your biggest learnings?

[24:35] Micro decisions all matter

[26:31] What is the type of world you are trying to create with Purpicks?

[28:36] Pitching cancer market sizes and eco market

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