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Julia Daviy

Fashion Designer, Julia Daviy


Julia Daviy - 3D Printed Sustainable Clothing & The Third Age Of Fashion

Apr 5, 2019
Julia Daviy

Julia Daviy - 3D Printed Sustainable Clothing & The Third Age Of Fashion

Julia Daviy is a fashion designer creating the first ever 3D printed, recyclable and zero waste clothes. Her 3D printed fashion collection is the first ever to be released within the U.S. that not only uses the technology of large printing format but also displays a true everyday clothing look that is functional, fabulously delicate and wearable for women.

Highlights of the episode:

  • How Julia started her journey into 3D printing
  • The Third Age of Fashion
  • Zero waste fashion
  • 3D printing with new materials
  • Large scale 3D printing in footware and bags/accessories
  • Social problems because of automation

Useful links:

Julia Daviy - https://juliadaviy.com/

Julia Daviy on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JuliaDaviy

Time Stamp:

[01:05] How did you discover 3D printing technology can be applied to sustainable fashion?

[03:45] Localised clothing production

[07:10] The Third Age of Fashion 

[11:00] Where are we at for sustainable fashion 

[13:00] Adidas producing millions of 3D printed shoes

[15:45] Large 3D printers 

[17:00] 1/3 of cotton is wasted and 3D printing eliminates waste

[18:00] Future of 3D printed fashion

[21:00] AI will have an effect on fashion

Listen to this episode now:

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