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Rutger van Zuidam

Founder Dutchchain


Oddysey.org - Blockchain & AI Hackathons For Global Challenges

Apr 12, 2019
Rutger van Zuidam

Oddysey.org - Blockchain & AI Hackathons For Global Challenges

Rutger van Zuidam is the founder of Dutchchain, the blockchain development agency behind Oddysey.org a hackathon solving the world's biggest problems using AI & Blockchain. Backed by the European Union and the Dutch Government, the DutchChain ecosystem unites more than 6.000 members, among whom large corporations and SMEs, start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, engineers, students, government officials, legal experts, and many other stakeholders.

Highlights of the episode:

  • How blockchain works and why it matters
  • Why blockchain brings a better internet
  • Examples of global challenges Oddysey is tackling
  • How is Oddysey supporting startups before and after the hackathon
  • Machines that are sovereign and collaborative

Useful links:

Oddysey - https://www.odyssey.org/

Rutger van Zuidam's linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rutgervz/

Nest Egg - https://nestegg.eu/

[00:32] How did Rutger came across blockchain?

[03:03] How to apply blockchain to positive impact?

[06:27] Do we want more surveillance state?

[07:13] Challenges for hackathons

[09:43] Once protocols are unlocked, new ways of collaborating happen.

[11:43] Example of social and environmental impact companies

[13:27] Investing in solar panels NestEgg

[14:39] Autonomous swarm robotics - machines that owns themselves

[17:11] Support to teams after the hackathon

[18:38] How to take a prototype into the real world

[19:24] Guiding an ecosystem

[20:10] What kind of world is Odyssey creating?

[21:33] Contributing to thousands of people doing meaningful work

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