Tara Button

Founder BuyMeOnce

Longer-lasting products for the planet - Tara Button of BuyMeOnce

Jun 13, 2019
Tara Button

Longer-lasting products for the planet

BuyMeOnce is an industry-leading online marketplace selling incredibly long-lasting & sustainable products. Founded by author and former blue-chip marketer, Tara Button, BuyMeOnce is well positioned to meet demand as conscious consumerism goes mainstream.


  • How Tara started a blog that went viral
  • Ashton Kutcher likes Buy Me Once
  • From advertising to sustainable consumption
  • Taking responsibility for a product's life and afterlife
  • Importance of making it easy for people to use it
  • Price per use comparisons and longevity calculators for products
  • How big is Amazon as a threat
  • Crowdfunding on Crowdcube

Useful links:
Buy Me Once's Crowdfunding on Crowdcube (Capital At Risk) http://bit.ly/2wJIy9T

Buy Me Once - https://uk.buymeonce.com/
BuyMeOnce Twitter - https://twitter.com/BuyMeOnce
BuyMeOnce Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/buymeonce/
Tara Button's Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-button-a3548925/
Trump's Earth Day - https://www.trumpsearthday.com/

[01:00] When did Tara Button discovered the problem?
[03:00] How does one go viral?
[05:00] Turning a passion product into a business
[08:00] What are the criteria for the brands to make it on BuyMeOnce
[12:00] Washing machine that lasts 20 year  
[15:00] Having more long-lasting products that are cheaper
[21:00] Amazon vs Buy Me Once
[23:40] Future of Buy Me Once

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