Jo Hand

Co-founder Giki Badges

Sustainable Shopping Companion - Jo Hand of Giki Badges

Jun 15, 2019
Jo Hand

Sustainable Shopping Companion

Jo Hand is the cofounder of Giki Badges. Giki’s aim is to drive sustainable consumption by inspiring people to make small, regular changes in their shopping which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer toothers.

Giki Badges currently rate over 250,000 supermarket products across 12 areas, including carbon footprint, sustainable palm oil, responsible sourcing, chemicals of concern, organic, local, animal welfare, nutrition, animal testing, additives, greener cosmetics, kinder cleaning and recycling. 


  • Problems of living more sustainably e.g fast fashion and palm oil
  • How Giki Badges app works
  • There was enough data in food drinks and supermarkets
  • The challenge of creating a certification
  • Transparent, robust and the needs to be recognisable by the general public
  • Working with schools and kids
  • No one else is looking at data and analysis at product level
  • Transparency in supply chain is not there yet

Useful links:

Giki Badges - https://gikibadges.com/

Jo Hand - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jo-hand-27b18a104/

Time Stamp:

[00:54] What is the problem Giki Badges

[03:51] Does sustainability data exist?

[06:04] We are all at different stages of our understanding

[07:29] Working with schools and kids

[08:38] What is the business model?

[10:19] Behind the app there is a lot of data

[12:24] Where is the app available

[13:23] Biggest challenge of the startup

[14:56] Hard to be heard in a very noisy world

[15:38] Overnight success over 20 years of hard work

[16:53] Vision of Giki Badges

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