Ruby Raut

CEO & Co-founder Wuka Wear

Reusable Period Pants - Ruby Raut of Wuka Wear

Jul 12, 2019
Ruby Raut

Reusable Period Pants

Ruby Raut is the CEO and Co-founder of Wuka Wear. Ruby is a passionate environmental scientist who combines her scientific knowledge and passion for lean startup methodology to solve the problems that surround disposable menstrual products.


  • 4.6 million tampons and pads are flushed down the toilet in the UK everyday
  • The problems around Chaupaddi that is being practised in Nepal
  • Why period poverty is a huge problem
  • Period pants is a reusable product that needs more publicity
  • How a Sainsbury community project got Ruby started her entrepreneurial journey
  • How Ruby created and iterated her prototype
  • The social and environmental impact of Wuka Wear

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Ruby’s Linkedin

Time Stamp:

[01:30] Solving multiple problems around period
[04:00] Problems with lack of proper period facilities
[05:00] Social problems around period in Nepal
[07:40] Period poverty needs to be addressed
[09:30] Benefits of reusable period pants
[11:50] How Ruby got started in this sector?
[12:00] Women's Environmental Network and discovering the problem
[13:00] Creating a period pants prototype
[17:00] Why it took Ruby to innovate such a product
[22:00] Importance of networking
[23:30] Social and environmental impact of Wuka Wear

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