Freddy Kelly

CEO & Co-founder

Transparent Financial Health Score - Freddy Kelly of Credit Kudos

Jul 26, 2019
Freddy Kelly

Transparent Financial Health Score

Freddy Kelly is the CEO and cofounder of Credit Kudos, a new kind of credit bureau that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness, harnessing Open Banking.


  • Problems of traditional credit scoring which is non consensual
  • Types of use cases for open banking
  • Identification problem when someone arrives in a new country
  • Tackling poverty premium i.e. cost of paying more for being poorer
  • Having better data and turning into objective measures to predict credit risk
  • How FCA is looking at competition in credit information market
  • Why Open banking can be a bad name and winning the trust challenge
  • The Mum Test and chasing the hard no

Useful links:

Credit Kudos - https://www.creditkudos.com
Freddy Kelly's Linkedin - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/freddykelly
Freddy Kelly's Twitter - https://twitter.com/fredkelly
The Mum's Test - http://momtestbook.com/

Time Stamp:

[02:30] How Credit Kudos is solving the credit score problems

[04:30] Helping show good risks for thin file customers

[06:00] How to prove you are who you are when you are in a new country

[08:00] Tackling poverty premium and accessibility of credit

[10:30] How is Credit Kudos different

[12:00] New data, credit risk and business models

[13:00] Challenge of getting new banks to use Credit Kudos

[17:00] Lessons from being a founder

[20:00] Having unique insights from what data can do

[21:00] Vision in 10 years

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