Nick Taylor

CEO & Co-founder Unmind

Workplace Mental Wellbeing Done Well - Dr. Nick Taylor Unmind

Aug 29, 2019
Nick Taylor

Workplace Mental Wellbeing Done Well

Dr Nick Taylor is CEO and Co-founder of Unmind, a workplace mental health platform to help organisations and employees measurably improve their mental wellbeing.


  • Why mental health matters to Nick Taylor
  • What motivated Nick to become a founder
  • 3 learnings from working at the frontline of mental health service
  • Leading an NHS team and the moment of realisation that organisations needed to better look after their people
  • John Lewis partnership and William Hill
  • The Unmind mental health index
  • Features and content on the Unmind platform
  • 9 out of 10 employees won't share their mental health problems with the employer
  • How to breakdown the stigma around mental health
  • Benefits for the organisation of measuring mindfulness
  • "Going forward, people will only choose to work in organisations that do care."

Time stamp:
[01:30] Nick's personal experience with mental health
[03:00] Working at the NHS
[05:20] Prevention in mental health
[06:00] Working with organisations vs consumer mindfulness
[07:30] How the Unmind platform works
[10:00] Building trust with employees
[12:00] Celebrating mental health and breaking stigma
[14:00] Why employers should pay to support mental health of employees
[17:00] Hardest challenge in Nick's journey
[18:40] Early investors of Unmind
[20:00] Growing a passionate team
[22:00] Nick Taylor's vision of the future

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Unmind Website
Nick Taylor's Linkedin

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