Dan Grech

CEO & Co-founder Global OTEC Resources

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion - Dan Grech of OTEC Global Resources

Sep 6, 2019
Dan Grech

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Dan Grech is the CEO and Co-founder is Global OTEC Resources. He is working to reduce tropical islands reliance on fossil fuels in areas that are suitable for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).


  • Dan's journey from watching David Attenborough to researching desalination
  • Prototyping OTEC, to pitching for pro-bono work and working at the Maldives
  • Benefits of having a sales background
  • Why building OTEC for a resort make sense
  • What is OTEC?
  • Moving islands away from diesel and the OTEC market
  • Grant funding for sustainable projects

Time stamp:
[01:44] The Attenborough effect
[06:00] Meeting a technical co-founder
[08:00] Skype calling experts
[11:50] History of OTEC
[14:00] OTEC 101
[16:30] Core markets for OTEC is 30 terawatts
[19:45] Moving from 100kW to 1.5mW
[22:10] Biggest learnings
[25:00] Dan Grech's vision of the future

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