Nick Doman & Will Pearson

Co-founders Ocean Bottle

Solving The Ocean Plastics Problem - Nick Doman of Ocean Bottle

Nov 12, 2019
Nick Doman & Will Pearson

Solving The Ocean Plastics Problem

Nick Doman and Will Pearson are the founders of Ocean Bottles, a tool for individuals to fund collection of ocean plastic bottles. Their product is a part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic.


  • Collecting ocean bound plastic bottles are just as effective.
  • 22 million kg of plastic goes into ocean each day
  • Creating an IBM blockchain platform of network of plastic collection network
  • Ocean Bottle has a NFC chip to offer retailers new way to interact with consumers
  • Getting support in the product design phase and other partnerships
  • Getting into Catapult accelerator programme

Time Stamp:
[01:00] How Ocean Bottles work
[03:22] No bullshit sustainability
[05:00] Working with Plastic Bank
[07:45] Plastic collectors with Plastic Bank
[10:38] B2B side of Ocean Bottles
[13:00] Product design background
[14:00] Creating a physical product
[17:20] Partnerships
[19:00] Working as a team and getting coaching
[20:50] Vision in 10 years

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