Fabian Bolin & Sebastian Hermelin

Co-founders War on Cancer

Sharing patient stories to improve mental health - Fabian Bolin of War on Cancer

Dec 2, 2019
Fabian Bolin & Sebastian Hermelin

Sharing patient stories to improve mental health

War On Cancer is here to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer.

Fabian Bolin is the CEO and Co-founder of War On Cancer. After being diagnosed in 2015 at 28 years of age, Fabian began documenting his cancer battle on a blog, which made him realise the true power of storytelling. Sharing his story gave him a sense of purpose that he had never felt before. This, together with a strong urge to help others affected became the foundation for War On Cancer.

Sebastian Hermelin is the COO and Co-founder of War On Cancer. When Sebastian saw what positive impacts storytelling had on Fabian’s mental health, as well as himself, he conceptualized an idea for a global platform. In May 2016, the founders launched the first version of War On Cancer and within weeks the platform had storytellers from more than 20 countries.


  • Diagnosed with acute leukemia and asking for help and sharing a Facebook post that lead to a big change
  • War On Cancer as a storytelling platform
  • Feeling belittled and still treated as a person
  • Storytelling as a tool to help others and feeling altruistic happiness
  • Cancer phobia and how cancer is being marketed
  • Speaking to patients as a person
  • Biggest learning and entrepreneur journey from a "project" into a tech and impact company
  • Disrupting patient mental health, cancer, life sciences and health care

Time Stamp:
[02:40] From bond trading to film acting
[05:40] Priorities after being diagnosed
[09:00] Being a best friend to a diagnosed cancer
[12:27] Writing and feeling happiest
[15:00] War On Cancer App
[18:00] Type of stories that patients are sharing
[20:40] Cancer treatment patients don't want to talk about chemotherapy
[23:00] Impact tracking for cancer patient data
[26:00] Creating a social network
[30:40] 10 years vision

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