Adele Archer

CEO & Co-founder of Eterneva

Diamonds From Ashes - Adele Archer of Eterneva

Dec 17, 2019
Adele Archer

Diamonds From Ashes

Adele Archer is the CEO of Eterneva, recently backed by Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. Eterneva celebrates the lives of remarkable people and pets by turning their ashes into diamonds.


  • Adele's personal story of coming up with Eterneva
  • Why customer experience is everything
  • Helping people through the grieving process
  • How Eterneva has changed a customer's life through grief wellness journey
  • The science behind the diamond
  • Making the industry more transparent
  • Engagement diamonds from carbon in hair
  • Changing the culture around death, grief and remembrance

Time Stamps:
[02:00] Death of Adele's mentor
[05:00] Dealing with changing customer behaviour
[06:30] Marketing to people going through grief
[10:00] Physical process of extracting the carbon
[12:00] Homecoming
[13:45] Challenge of running Eterneva
[15:30] Changing the diamond industry
[23:00] Dying well is becoming a key part of the wellness trend
[24:00] Pitching to Mark Cuban

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