Vanessa Martins Lopes

Founder of The Wild Curl

Creating Products for Underserved Markets - Vanessa Martins Lopes of The Wild Curl

Jan 5, 2021
Vanessa Martins Lopes

Creating Products for Underserved Markets

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Vanessa Martins Lopes is the co-founder of The Wild Curl, a naturally curly hair care company


  • The trouble for naturally curly hair that has no product for them.
  • Straight hair is the good hair that was set by social media and society - the misconception of great hair.
  • The Wild Curl aims to let everyone know to be confident with their hair.
  • Dryer hair by nature, mostly difficult to manage as it is mostly tangled, different hair structures require different hair products - there is no one hair product for all hair types.
  • Seeing customers happy with their beautiful hair after using their product makes Vanessa and her fiance feel very proud.
  • Vanessa and her fiance are looking forward to expanding their business through crowdfunding, so their customers, friends and family, or sponsorships could invest and be part of their business.
  • Big hair products companies in the past do not consider more products for afro hair people but have changed recently, however people do think that the companies should do this sooner.
  • It is never a good time to start, it's always a bad time to start, it can be your excuse, but it is always like this, it is either full in or you never gonna do it.
  • Talk about your company as much as possible, to strangers, to friends - you might be surprised with the advice you get from the investors.
  • To grow the business, we must have a proper scale, as a founder there are tasks that we have to do and not queuing up in the post office.
  • Funds will be mostly used in product development, their next step is to launch three conditioners next year.

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