Jonathan Petrides

Co-founder of Allplants

Plant based meals delivered to your door - Jonathan Petrides of Allplants

Jan 7, 2020
Jonathan Petrides

Plant based meals delivered to your door

Jonathan Petrides is the co-founder of Allplants, an exciting company that produce and deliver delicious, healthy and 100% plant based meals straight to your door.

Highlights: Food is driven by pleasure and therefore, must be exciting Changing negative attitudes towards the plant based diet by creating delicious food Establishing transparent plant based branding from day one to send a direct message Inspiring the ‘plant-curious’ target market to positively change the impact we have on our environment. The importance of direct chef to customer relationships in aiding constructive feedback and product improvementJ P’s mission to see everyone, globally, eating a plant based diet by 2030

Time stamp:

[01:47] An introduction to Allplants

[04:00] JP’s personal journey and his previous inspiring projects

[07:25] Recognition of JP’s passion for building ventures from scratch

[09:30] Where did the idea for Allplants come from?

[11:30] Plant based vs vegan

[12:50] The environmental and personal benefits of a plant based diet

[15:20] Things to consider when setting up a business and knowing when to ask for expert help

[19:10] Supermarkets are vital to the success of household food brands

[20:15] The expansion of Allplants and exciting new projects

[22:45] JP’s goals for the future of Allplants, the planet and humankind

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