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Tomer Shalit

Founder ClimateView


Open agile climate action platform for cities - Tomer Shalit of ClimateView

Jul 19, 2019
Tomer Shalit

Open agile climate action platform for cities - Tomer Shalit of ClimateView

Tomer Shalit is the founder of ClimateView. ClimateView was founded on the principles of agile: a philosophy built for the very purpose of tackling complex problems. When cities and nations address climate change – visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency are the main pillars they focus on.


  • How Tomer got Sweden as his first client
  • How to convince a whole country to become a customer
  • Tomer's background and how he first addressed the problem
  • Why an open collaborative platform is important
  • How visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency became the main focus of ClimateView
  • Breaking down tasks and zooming into actions
  • Getting interest from Sweden's transport sector and Vattenfall

Useful links:

Climate View - https://www.climateview.global/
Tomer Shalit -https://se.linkedin.com/in/tomer-shalit-6153a91

Time Stamp:

[02:00] Climate emergency is getting traction, but how are cities managing?
[04:00] Sweden now has a public road map
Project management vs accountability
[05:00] Applying agile development and visualisations
[06:00] Setting up a "Project Owner" for Sweden
[09:00] Getting Sweden as a client
[11:00] Dealing with red tape in government
[13:00] Collaboration of government and private sector
[16:00] Who else can use ClimateView?
[18:00] How to take climate action
[19:00] View from 2030

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