Tomer Shalit

Founder ClimateView

Open agile climate action platform for cities - Tomer Shalit of ClimateView

Jul 19, 2019
Tomer Shalit

Open agile climate action platform for cities

Tomer Shalit is the founder of ClimateView. ClimateView was founded on the principles of agile: a philosophy built for the very purpose of tackling complex problems. When cities and nations address climate change – visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency are the main pillars they focus on.


  • How Tomer got Sweden as his first client
  • How to convince a whole country to become a customer
  • Tomer's background and how he first addressed the problem
  • Why an open collaborative platform is important
  • How visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency became the main focus of ClimateView
  • Breaking down tasks and zooming into actions
  • Getting interest from Sweden's transport sector and Vattenfall

Useful links:

Climate View - https://www.climateview.global/
Tomer Shalit -https://se.linkedin.com/in/tomer-shalit-6153a91

Time Stamp:

[02:00] Climate emergency is getting traction, but how are cities managing?
[04:00] Sweden now has a public road map
Project management vs accountability
[05:00] Applying agile development and visualisations
[06:00] Setting up a "Project Owner" for Sweden
[09:00] Getting Sweden as a client
[11:00] Dealing with red tape in government
[13:00] Collaboration of government and private sector
[16:00] Who else can use ClimateView?
[18:00] How to take climate action
[19:00] View from 2030

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