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Founders Summit

1-2 November 2022 - Online

Join some of the best ClimateTech founders and changemakers from across Europe and North America and form new friendships, partnerships and define the future of ClimateTech. 100% virtual.
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Meet thought-leaders, changemakers and impact-driven entrepreneurs

Avra van der Zee
COO, Elemental
Avra is COO of Elemental Excelerator, a global climate technology accelerator and non-profit impact organization backed by Lauren Powell Jobs' Emerson Collective
Chris Colerdige
Founder, Carbon13
Chris is founder and CEO of Carbon13, the venture builder for the climate emergency, and Senior Faculty in Management Practice at the University of Cambridge.
Kayalin Akens-Irby
Head of Partnerships, PlanetFWD
Kayalin is Head of Partnerships at Planet FWD, empowering the next generation of sustainable brands to understand & reduce their carbon footprint.
Lubomila Jordanova
CEO & Co-founder, PlanA
Lubomila is the CEO & Co-founder of PlanA, an AI-driven platform helping corporates reduce & report their carbon footprint. She also co-founded Green Tech Alliance.
Santiago Lefebvre
Founder & CEO, ChangeNOW
Santiago is the Founder & CEO of ChangeNOW, the world's largest gathering of solutions for the planet with 20,000+ attendees and one of the leading ecosystem builders in the space.
Peet Denny
Peet is the Founder of Potential Climate Ventures, a recently launched fund investing in 120+ ClimateTech companies with potential gigaton-scale impact on climate change.
Mathias Wikström
Mathias is the CEO of Doconomy, a platform enabling individuals and corporates to assess and reduce their climate impact by analysing financial transactions, key business and product metrics.
Sagnik Bhattachajree
Sagnik is the CTO of Ecoten Urban Comfort, which is using advanced geospatial planning and 3D modeling technologies to enable cities to become climate-resilient and reduce the negative impact of climate change.
Cedric Francois
Founder & CEO, Equium
Cedric is the Founder CEO of Equim, an innovative heat pump that leverages thermo-acoustic effects to increase energy efficiency and producing cold or heat without emission of greenhouse gases.

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